Frequently Asked Questions

Is LPG safe?
LPG has an excellent safety record as the fuel tank is usually much stronger than conventional ones, and has been proven to maintain its integrity in both fire and crash tests. The tank that is normally used in LPG conversions is safer than a petrol tank in an accident.

Will I save money by converting to LPG?
You will save up to 40% of your current fuel costs compared with petrol and over 20% compared to the equivalent diesel. Due to its low fuel duty, LPG retails at about half the price of unleaded petrol and diesel.

What are the environmental benefits of LPG?
Environmentally friendly fuels are high on the political agenda as the Government looks at ways to reduce the impact of traffic on the environment, and LPG is one solution. Running on LPG reduces your carbon footprint by on average 20% compared with petrol and has a small advantage over diesels which is predicted to increase to 10% by 2010. Clean, efficient combustion means that LPG vehicles also produce fewer harmful pollutants and less noise. For more information see "The Benefits"

What is involved in an LPG conversion?
An LPG conversion results in a bi-fuel car, ie one that can run on either LPG or petrol.
A second independent fuel system is added to the car, for which a dedicated tank is needed. The tank is usually fitted in the spare wheel well, but can sometimes be installed underneath the car. As with petrol and diesel, liquid LPG is bought by the liter and pumped into the tank via a hose and a filling point. It becomes a gas just before entering the combustion cylinder.

Are all LPG conversions the same?
No. It is important to get the right LPG conversion for your vehicle. Many of our LPG conversions are identical to those used by major vehicle manufacturers.

What LPG system will you install?
We aim to offer LPG conversion services for as many types of vehicles as possible, and capable of suiting anyone’s budget. Petrol engines are converted with the latest generation multipoint gas injection sequential systems, manufactured by a range of well-known companies. This allows us to select the most suitable components for each and every car.

What happens when I run out of LPG?
The system will automatically revert back to using petrol, and once refilled will then return to run on LPG. During the installation a special switch/indicator is fitted onto the dashboard showing the amount of fuel left in the tank. The location of this indicator is discussed with the owner of the vehicle prior to the installation.

Can I still drive on petrol?
Yes, you can. LPG conversion adds a second fuel system leaving the original petrol system in place. The vehicle normally cold starts on petrol and then automatically converts to run on LPG when the engine is warm.

Can I overfill the LPG tank?
No. The LPG tank has a built-in shut-off valve to prevent overfilling.

Will LPG conversion affect my catalytic converter?
No, everything will work just as before.

Can I sell my LPG car or do I need to remove the LPG conversion first?
You don’t have to remove LPG conversion system. In fact, there is a healthy used car market for vehicles run on LPG.

Will the LPG installation have an effect on the resale value of my vehicle?
The value will not decrease. On the contrary, in most cases an LPG conversion will increase the value, and make the vehicle more attractive to perspective buyers due to its capability to run on low-cost, alternative fuel.

Do I need to have my LPG system serviced?
Yes, it is crucial that your LPG system is serviced regularly. At Gasco, we offer the first service for free once you reach 1000 miles after getting LPG conversion. We advise to have your LPG system serviced every 10,000 miles and not less than once a year.

Will I get a warranty?
All LPG systems fitted by Gasco are provided with warranty, please ask for more detail.

Where can I fill up with LPG? How many Gas stations available?
Currently, there are two Gas Stations in Hawler: Shorsh Station and Mantkawa Station, we will open other stations in Hawler soon.

What happens if I run out of LPG or petrol?
Bi-fuel vehicles can run on petrol or LPG autogas. Most will change automatically but will also let you change from one to the other at the flick of a switch on the dashboard, without having to slow down or turn off the ignition.

Will converting my car affect its performance?
Converting to LPG can increase the power and performance of your car, especially if a turbo model. However generally there is a small loss in performance, but so small you won’t notice it while driving. What you will notice, compared with a diesel vehicle, is the smoother and quieter ride.

What happens if an LPG vehicle is involved in an accident?
The tank and gas pipes are fitted with numerous safety devices. The gas flow will automatically stop if the pipes are damaged or the engine is not running. If the vehicle catches fire, the gas tank pressure is controlled via cylinder venting, which will prevent the tank from rupturing and causing further damage.


Will I save money by converting to LPG?
You will save up to 40% of your current fuel costs compared with petrol...

What are the environmental benefits of LPG?
What is involved in an LPG conversion?

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