Gasco Company is a part of Diyar Group Companies, Gasco has been established at 2010 as first Auto-gas or LPG company in Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Establishing such a company it was a challenge, but Gasco succeed as a leading company that providing LPG conversion (Auto-gas).

Gasco changed the way that people thinking by using LPG instead of Fuel for vehicles, Gasco converted first car on 14 April 2010, but now thousands of vehicles converted, and also each day hundreds of drivers deciding to convert their cars to LPG, it's real success...

Gasco ambition has no border, Gasco will stay as a leading company in Auto-Gas fields.

Gaso is a way for success

You never loss with Gasco ... this is our policy to provide the best quality of products and services...


Will I save money by converting to LPG?
You will save up to 40% of your current fuel costs compared with petrol...

What are the environmental benefits of LPG?
What is involved in an LPG conversion?

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